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About Vertebrate

VAL was formed by research scientists from the University of Aberdeen who have inside knowledge of the needs of colleagues working in research institutes, biotech and pharma industries worldwide. Consequently, the products produced by VAL will satisfy key research areas to a wide range of species including lower vertebrates and will allow scientists to undertake new research and help in the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

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Our aim is to enhance the lives of animals and humans through developing high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for research and clinical applications.

“Our ultimate aim is to support research and medical science and improve animal health.”

If you can’t find the antibody that you need, we can make it for you.

VAL Management


Vertebrate Antibodies Limited (VAL) is an emerging biotech company with a wealth of experience in the development of high performance antibodies to support the life science communities.

VAL was cofounded and is, presently led by research scientists: Ayham Alnabulsi, Beatriz Cash and Steve Bird. The combined expertise of the management team on hybridoma technology, bioinformatics and protein modelling formed the cornerstones of the business. Based on their wealth of experience, the team introduced fundamental technical modifications to the conventional methods, significantly increasing the efficiency and productivity of the technology as well as improving the specificity, reliability and quality of the antibodies produced. These improvements enabled VAL to expand their initial company plans from targeting human cancer markers to new territories such as the aquacultur