What is IHC Validation?

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is the process of using antibodies to detect specific antigens within a tissue section. Providing a wealth of information regarding target abundance and localization, it is widely used to compare normal and diseased tissue samples. This highlights its importance to support a diversity of research and clinical applications.

Meaningful IHC data depends on sensitive and highly specific antibodies. Poor sensitivity can result in a low abundance target going undetected, while off target binding can produce unwanted background signal, leading to misinterpretation of IHC staining. To avoid these issues and assure confidence in IHC results, researchers require antibodies which have been fully characterized, validated, and optimised for IHC use.

Why choose VAL for IHC validation of your antibody?

As part of our commitment to support the scientific community by providing high quality antibodies to advance research, we offer a complete service package to accurately evaluate antibody specificity and suitability for IHC. The IHC service will be performed in a NQUAS (National Quality Assurance Standards) accredited laboratory that is externally assessed.  Using Dako IHC stainer (Autostainer Link 48), all antibodies will be validated on a comprehensive multi-tissue microarray, comprising normal (n=53) and tumour (n=72) tissues from 20 different major organs. The immunoreactivity and tissue specificity of antibodies will be assessed by consultant pathologist. Important note: all tissue specimen were received fresh in the diagnostic histopathology laboratory where they were reviewed and areas of tissue to be sampled were first identified and marked on the appropriate haematoxylin and eosin stained slide by an expert pathologist.

  • Antigen retrieval conditions
  • Recommended primary antibody dilution
  • Cellular localisation.
  • Tissue and cellular specificity
  • High quality antibody staining images (typically images of four different tissues, although specific tissue images may be requested)
  • IHC protocol
tissue core
tissue type

Our multi-tissue microarray comprises 53 normal and 72 tumour tissues from 20 different major organs to deliver comprehensive IHC validation of your antibody.

Our IHC validation portfolio is tiered to accommodate varying customer needs. As well as offering IHC antibody characterisation against our multi-tissue microarray, we provide services for antibodies with unknown antigen retrieval conditions, unknown optimal dilutions, or an unknown expression profile. Competitively priced, these are typically delivered in a turnaround time of just 3-5 weeks.

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