High Quality Fish Antibodies For The Scientific Community

In recent years, the aquaculture industry has exhibited significant growth worldwide due to the increasing global demand for food. A large number of freshwater and marine fish species can now be successfully farmed. Within these farmed environments the fish are exposed to new feeding systems impacting on fish health as well as leading to the ready spread of pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Disease management is central to a sustainable industry, however there are few markers for general “health performance” and infection. To ensure continued growth, precision-based aquaculture is needed that exploits innovative approaches based on sound biological knowledge.

Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd (VAL) is uniquely placed in the aquaculture sector, through multiple partnerships, collaborations and joint strategic alliances to provide the urgently needed tools and assays.VAL is committed to generating the tools required to assess the fish’s health and infection at critical time points of development. VAL has already begun generating immune assays to important commercial species. Measuring and charting key targets values will prove beneficial in determining disease state or the effectiveness of treatments and the overall health of farmed fish.