Professor Graeme Murray
Professor Graeme Murray Pathology Department-Aberdeen University
Graeme Murray is Professor of Pathology and academic clinical speciality lead for Pathology at the University of Aberdeen. He is lead consultant gastro-intestinal pathologist to NHS Grampian and clinical lead for the Grampian Biorepository. Professor Murray is an internationally recognised pathologist with specific interests in gastro-intestinal pathology and cancer biomarker discovery whereby he has identified and validated tumour markers, some of which have completed a phase 1 clinical trial. Professor Murray will advise on potential tumour biomarkers and novel cancer pathways as well as assessing the clinical potential of VAL’s products.
Professor Christopher Secombes
Professor Christopher Secombes Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre-Aberdeen University
Professor Secombes is renowned immunologist with a research focus on the immune system of fish. Current research is focused on characterisation of immune molecules of adaptive immunity in fish, to develop correlates of protective immunity and to aid vaccine development. A better understanding of the fish immune system is of practical importance because fish farming has expanded enormously over the last few decades, paralleled by many disease problems. For successful control of disease in aquaculture and to help sustain this expanding industry a panel of markers are needed to monitor infection, assess vaccine and immunostimulants performance to improve overall fish health.
Dr Bertrand Collet
Dr Bertrand Collet Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Bertrand Collet’s main area of research is the antiviral innate immune system of salmonid fish and more specifically the role of Interferon Induced Genes (ISGs) in the immunity to viruses and the mechanism of action of antiviral DNA vaccines. He recently designed an efficient approach to generate salmonid knock-out cell lines by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in order to elucidate ISGs functions. Bertranad will advise on the development of biotechnological tools for the improvement of fish infectiology and diagnostic methods.
Dr.Aqeel Handil Al Jothery
Dr.Aqeel Handil Al Jothery Physiology Department at College of Veterinary Medicine-Kerbala University - International Marketing Adviser.
Aqeel Al Jothery is an assistant at Kerbala University. He is also as a Research Fellow at Aberdeen University. Aqeel research interest is focused on the energy balance – the factors that drive food intake, metabolic rate, total energy expenditure, and subsequent life-history patterns such as reproductive performance, oxidative stress, obesity, and aging. Aqeel will market the Company in the Middle East, and provide advice on future links and collaborations.