VAL new antibodies towards key zebrafish targets:

The antibodies are specific to zebrafish targets involved in key biological pathways including immunity, angiogenesis, tumour suppressors and drug metabolisers. The list are as follows; CD4, FOXP3, IFNγ(1), p53, MMP9, AKT1, FLT1, FGF1, TIMP2a, PXR and CYP3C1. Datasheets available on the zebrafish page.

Kick Start Award                                                                                                               (in progress)

In collaboration with Dr Milena Monte, Aberdeen University. The award will allow the generation of monoclonal antibodies to key zebrafish targets.  The objective of this project is to provide tools to develop zebrafish as an immunological models to study immune related disorders in human as well as enhance our understanding of the evolution of the immune system. Ultimately this will aid the future generation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic agents.