1st October 2019

VAL is pleased to confirm the appointment of Dr Tiehui Wang as Director of Biologicals. He will be the head of the Recombinat Division and generate active proteins for research and animal health.

About Dr Tiehui Wang

Dr Tiehui Wang is a leading immunologist with a research focus on regulation of fish immune system, immune stimulation, and novel vaccine development. Dr Wang will be the Director of Biologicals at VAL to establish and oversee the development and production of novel recombinants, including immune regulatory cytokines, antimicrobial peptides, immune stimulants such as flagellins, vaccine candidates, and disease biomarkers. Combining the existing knowledge and innovative antibody approach at VAL with the recombinant technology and the novel biologicals created by Dr Wang will provide solutions and reagents long sought by the aquaculture sector to advance research, assist in the development of novel diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.